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Death Force Bow

Image:Death Force Bow
Description:A rare activation item that will knock back your enemies with every shot.
Requires 50 STR, 65 INT, 20 CHR
Damage Small/Medium:3D6+0 (3~18)
Damage Large:3D6+1 (4~19)
Full Swing:91 Strength
Shop Price:8000

Obtainable from monster(s):

PictureMonsterAmountStatted?Drop Type
BeholderBeholder1NoSecondary Drop
Dire-BoarDire-Boar1NoSecondary Drop
Giant LizardGiant Lizard1NoSecondary Drop
Master Mage-OrcMaster Mage-Orc1NoSecondary Drop
Twin WarriorTwin Warrior1NoSecondary Drop