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Giant Scorpion

Image:Giant Scorpion
Defense Ratio:70
Hit Ratio:80
Damage:5D3+0 (5~15)
Attack Speed:1.2 seconds
Attack Range:1 tile
Magic Spells:None
Magic Resistance:30%
Magic Absorbtion:0%
Body Disapears:After 5 seconds

Spawnable at Map(s):

PictureMapSpawn Type
Aresden Farm
Aresden FarmPit
Elvine Farm
Elvine FarmPit
Promise Land
Promise LandPit
Promiseland Dungeon
Promiseland DungeonPit
Eternal Field
Eternal FieldRandom
Promiseland Dungeon
Promiseland DungeonRandom
Rocky Highland
Rocky HighlandRandom

Obtainable item(s):

PictureItemAmountDrop Type
Ancient Piece of Stone (LD)Ancient Piece of Stone (LD)1Primary Drop
Ancient Piece of Stone (LU)Ancient Piece of Stone (LU)1Primary Drop
Ancient Piece of Stone (RD)Ancient Piece of Stone (RD)1Primary Drop
Ancient Piece of Stone (RU)Ancient Piece of Stone (RU)1Primary Drop
Big Health PotionBig Health Potion1Primary Drop
Big Mana PotionBig Mana Potion1Primary Drop
Big Revitalizing PotionBig Revitalizing Potion1Primary Drop
EsterkStatted Esterk1Primary Drop
GoldGold351~700Primary Drop
GradiusStatted Gradius1Primary Drop
Health PotionHealth Potion1Primary Drop
Magic Wand (MS0)Statted Magic Wand (MS0)1Primary Drop
Main GaucheStatted Main Gauche1Primary Drop
Mana PotionMana Potion1Primary Drop
Power Green PotionPower Green Potion1Primary Drop
Revitalizing PotionRevitalizing Potion1Primary Drop
SabreStatted Sabre1Primary Drop
Saxon AxeStatted Saxon Axe1Primary Drop
Stone Of MerienStone Of Merien1Primary Drop
Stone Of XelimaStone Of Xelima1Primary Drop
Super Power Green PotionSuper Power Green Potion1Primary Drop
Targe ShieldStatted Targe Shield1Primary Drop
TomahocStatted Tomahoc1Primary Drop
Wood ShieldStatted Wood Shield1Primary Drop
Zemstone of SacrificeZemstone of Sacrifice1Primary Drop
Emerald RingEmerald Ring1Secondary Drop
Lucky Gold RingLucky Gold Ring1Secondary Drop
Platinum RingPlatinum Ring1Secondary Drop
Ring of MageRing of Mage1Secondary Drop
Ring of WizardRing of Wizard1Secondary Drop
Ruby RingRuby Ring1Secondary Drop
Sapphire RingSapphire Ring1Secondary Drop
Scorpion MeatScorpion Meat1Secondary Drop
Scorpion PincersScorpion Pincers1Secondary Drop
Scorpion SkinScorpion Skin1Secondary Drop
Scorpion StingScorpion Sting1Secondary Drop